Our 3 month experience with Hartman Construction was excellent. We moved out while they renovated 11 of 13 rooms of our 1861 farmhouse. They were very helpful, easy to work with, and fun. Great trustworthy craftsman who did flawless work. They made it even easier by recomending all the sub-contractors, including electrical, plumbling, painting, flooring, tile, and even the mover. We love our "new" old home!
Randy and Cindy
Carlock, IL
The building process of our house was the neatest process for me. To come here and watch the Hartman builders, who work so well together, do their work was such a neat opportunity. They put God first in their lives—you could tell that from the atmosphere during the building process. When I had questions, whether it was about wall colors, baseboard type, or even toilet paper holders, I came to the guys about what would be the best option for our house. It was great to just drive out to the house to see what they were up to and say, "what have they done today?", or "oh my, look at that arch!" There was so much character in the house, it wasn't just a box. People who come to our house look around and they say, "Wow, this house is built like nonother. Everything matches up and it's level".
Gail M.
Morton, IL
Why did we pick Hartman and Sons? I think the first thing you look for is professional skill and confidence, and we knew that the Hartman team had a lot of professional confidence; however, there are alot of professional builders out there, and you have to remember that professionals built the Titanic, and ameatures built the Ark. So there must be something more important than just skills and confidence. So, what is it? Things like passion, a servant attitude, commitment, purpose, integrity, honesty. Those are the things that go above and beyond. I will say without question that Hartman builders were the premier builders for our house, not because they might be the cheapest or best professional builders, but simply because of their character. I'd go with them every time.
Bill M.
Morton, IL
Hartman and Sons did a great job on our home remodel. They listened to the vision we had and then turned that vision into reality. We would highly recomend Hartman and Sons for anyone considering a new home, a remodel, or any home project.
Mike and Judy
Eureka, IL
It is a great family owned 3rd generation business. Top notch carpenters!.
Ben K.
Eureka, IL